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Waterslide Hemp Seed CBD Infused Moisturizer 2 fluid ounces infused with 100mg of CBD, this sensual personal moisturizer aids in relaxation and enhances pleasure. Unique carrageenan formula rejuvenates when it comes into moisture, either from natural lubrication or saliva, so no need to reapply. All natural and 100% Vegan.
Directions: apply as needed to relieve dryness; can be used daily. Caution: if irritation occurs discontinue use. Key ingredients: Carrageenan and 100mg CBD.
Waterslide is the simplest, purest personal moisturizer.  With ingredients, Waterslide is ideal for women who are sensitive since there are minimal ingredients to have a reaction to. We kept it glycerin free to ensure there is no sticky, goopy mess. Easy to use and stress free, Waterslide is the perfect product to include in all your encounters.

Love Button Arousal Balm & Sensual Enhancer infused with 25mg CBD to enhance pleasure; increases sensitivity and satisfaction in both women and men. For some people Love Button Arousal Balm & Sensual Enhancer feels cool and tingly especially if you blow on it. For others its warm and tingly. In general, it just makes you very aware of that area so you start to think MAYYYBE I could be in the mood. This enriched balm increases sexual pleasure for both partners.

Not compatible with latex condoms. (0.45oz/12.75g)