Hemp Seed Lip Balm

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Relieve and protect your lips from even the harshest conditions with this botanical blend of natural ingredients. No matter where you decide to go, our lip balm has you covered from the slopes to the desert.

No matter how chapped your lips might get, our Hemp Seed Lip Balm is the perfect hemp seed oil for lips product to help. Infused with a variety of natural oils, our Hemp Seed Lip Balm helps smooth your skin and moisturize to reduce dryness. Say goodbye to those days of rough lips and give your pout the treatment it deserves to stay soft and supple for any touch. We also offer a wide range of scents and forms of lip balms, all packed with Hemp Seed oil and other natural essential oils.

The Benefits of Hemp Oil
A result of cold-pressing hemp seeds, Hemp Seed Oil, or often referred to as “hemp oil”, boasts several benefits when applied to skin, including excellent ability to moisturize and soothe. Additionally, hemp oil has anti-aging properties and is said to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Helps act as a protective barrier for lips
  • Smooths lips with every application
  • Retains moisture and reduces the appearance of dry skin



    HEMP SEED & JOJOBA OILS - A blend of nourishing oils that leave lips soft, smooth and moisturized, with no greasy feel.

    AVOCADO & COCONUT OILS - Highly emollient, they hydrate and replenish dry skin.

    SOYBEAN OIL -Absorbs quickly to moisturize and soften lips.

    SHEA BUTTER - Contains Vitamins A, E, and F to nourish, smooth, and protect lips.