Hemp Seed Leave in Hair Treatment

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Give your brush a new best friend. This multi-purpose product smooths, softens, and moisturizes, giving you complete control. Infused with Hemp Seed and Coconut Oils, managing your hair has never been easier.

Our Hemp Oil Leave In Conditioner and Detangler is a great companion for your hair after a gentle wash and conditioning. It further enhances the benefits of the natural oils and extracts, deeply nourishing and moisturizing your hair with a leave-in treatment that will help your hair maintain its best texture. A few spritzes go a long way to help detangle stubborn areas and reduce frizz. This Hemp Oil Leave In Conditioner also helps protect against damage from hot tools, so you feel ensured your hair will stay healthy through your usual styling routine. Your hair will feel smooth and soft and have a healthy, shiny appearance.

The Benefits of Hemp Oil in Hair Care
An extract from Hemp Seeds, hemp oil is rich in fatty acids, which are the leading components in hemp seed oil, or simply called hemp oil, that make experts to believe using hemp oil in hair care can help grow, moisturize, thicken, and even repair damaged hair.

4 FL / 118 ML Hemp Seed Hair Care