Hemp Seed by Night Set

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Hemp Seed by night is conveniently package to fit into any bag, you can use whenever you feel the need to freshen up.  You'll get one each, Refresh Intimate Spray, Mellow Cooling Spray and Guard Anti Chaffing Cream. 

Refresh Intimate Spray

• Gentle, quick drying spray with natural ingredients
• Neutralizes odors for a fresh feeling
• Conveniently small size for on-the-go use
• Perfect to support any active and intimate lifestyle

Mellow Cooling Spray

• Soothes Skin
• Reduces inflammation
• Provides pleasant long-lasting cooling
• Hydrates skin

Guard Anti Chaffing Cream

• Helps to prevent irritation from friction
• Keeps skin dry and free from excess moisture
• Allows for smooth gliding of skin
• No greasy or visible residue. Talc free

    Size: 2 fl oz / 60 ml