HHC, Pain relief, THC -


Because the side effect profile of HHC is similar to that of THC, HHC is generally considered safe. On the other hand, there are a few important points to keep in mind. They include:

  • Start Low: If you are taking HHC for the first time, you need to start with a relatively low dose. You need to figure out how your body is going to respond to HHC before you take more of it.
  • Take It With Others: If you are taking HHC for the first time, you may want to take it with other people. That way, if you experience any unwanted side effects, you have people around you to help you out.
  • Potential Side Effects: You should also be aware of the potential side effects of HHC. Some people have reported red eyes, dry mouth, dry eyes, anxiety, and insomnia stemming from HHC.

You also need to take high-quality HHC from a reputable, experienced manufacturer that is completely transparent with their ingredient list. 

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